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Chipscreen Biosciences

A Pioneer in Drug Innovation & Development in China

Founded in March 2001 by a group of senior scientists returned from the United States, Chipscreen Biosciences focuses on developing innovative drugs with new mechanisms of action (MOA) for the treatment of human diseases in five major therapeutic areas, including cancer, metabolic diseases, autoimmune disorders, central nervous system disorders and antivirals, so as to provide patients with affordable, efficacious drugs to meet their clinical needs.

Chipscreen Biosciences was the first biotech firm approved for listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board Market (Stock code: 688321.SH).

Chipscreen History

Our pioneering journey to bring China-innovated pharmaceuticals to the world began in Shenzhen in 2001.


Fast forward to 2023, we are now a globalized modern biotech firm with integrated research,
production and sales capacity.


21 in Canada

33 in the United States

12 in Mexico

19 in Brazil

7 in South Africa

4 in Egypt

7 in Ukraine

26 in Europe

22 in Russia

226 in China

14 in India

21 in South Korea

23 in Japan

18 in Indonesia

3 in the Philippines

3 in Singapore

3 in the Malaysia

1 in the Vietnam

1 in the Thailand

21 in Australia

54 PCT applications

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Chipscreen Biosciences has a global intellectual property strategy, with patent portfolios in several countries and regions, including the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, Egypt, Ukraine, and South Africa etc.


Till now, Chipscreen has filed over 500 invention patents worldwide, with more than 140 of these granted. The chemical invention patent for our innovative anti-cancer drug Chidamide won a gold award in the 19th China Patent Awards.



Social Responsibility

We take active steps to fulfill our responsibilities to society, and we take corporate social responsibility to the next level. To ensure the interests of the patients and the public, we have put in place organizational systems and management procedures covering everything from development strategies to day-to-day operations, and appointed professional personnel to control risk across the entire drug lifecycle and supply chain.


We actively undertake public service campaigns as a way of giving back to society.


Our Partners

Research Partners

  • 中国军事医学科学院
  • 复旦大学药物基因组学研究中心
  • 中国医学科学院/协和医科大学
  • 四川大学华西医学院国家中药GLP安全评价中心
  • 第二军医大学新药评价中心
  • 香港大学
  • 中国人民解放军三〇一医院
  • 中国医学科学院肿瘤医院
  • 北京大学人民医院

Business Partners

  • HUYA Bioscience International
  • 华上生技医药股份有限公司
  • 浙江海正药业股份有限公司
  • 康宁杰瑞
  • 思路迪
  • 百济神州
  • 康方生物