Asian Pharmaceutical Organization Cooperation Conference ( APAC ) and Drug Development Alliance Working Group ( DA-EWG) visits the CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES

April 27,2018

On the morning of April 27, 2018, Dr. Lu Xianping, the chairman of Shenzhen Microchip Biotech co., ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as " CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES" ), met with Dr. Hasuoka Atsushi, the chairman of the APAC Drug Development Alliance Working Group and the senior research and development director of Takeda Pharma, accompanied by Yamasaki Shingo, the vice chairman of the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA) Drug Research and Development Committee and the senior research and development expert of Anstelai Pharma, and Keita Ishibashi, the member of Asia department of JPMA International Committee and the deputy director of Takeda Pharmaceutical Public Relations, and Yang Yuanlin, the international department project of China Pharmaceutical Innovation Promotion Association. Dr. Pan Desi, the senior director of CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES early research and development center, Dr. Yu Jindi, the senior deputy director, Dr. Shan Song, the director, Dr. Xin Lijun, the director, and brand manager Li Kun also attended the meeting.

During this period, the delegation visited the early research and development center of CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES. Dr. Lu Xianping, the chairman of CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES, introduced the development process, general situation, core technology platform, product line under research and achievements in innovative medicine research and development to the delegation under the theme of Innovation in Drug Discovery Leads to Novel Therapy in China. The Japanese representative briefly introduced to the Chinese side on the history and purpose of the Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry Association, the related situation of the Asian Pharmaceutical Organization Cooperation Conference and DA-EWG's work in five areas, including " information sharing, work network construction, capacity building, Asian special diseases, natural products". The two sides had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the topics of early development of innovative medicines, innovative mechanisms, etc.

Meeting site

The picture of meeting representatives and CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES

Delegates visit the CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES’s early research and development center

China and Japan are leaders in Asian drug research and development. CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES, as a leading enterprise in the field of innovative medicine in China, has been highly recognized by JPMA and APAC Drug Development Alliance Working Group, which has deepened their understanding of China's original small molecule drug research and development capabilities. The friendly and interactive exchange between China's innovative medicine research and development and JMPA and APAC will promote the cooperation in the field of Chinese and Japanese medicine innovation and the development of Asian medicine innovation.

About Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association

Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association(JPMA) is an unofficial association of the Japanese pharmaceutical industry which was established in 1968. As of January 2017, its members have 72 research and development pharmaceutical enterprises. Its aim is to promote the global medical and health cause through the research and development of innovative prescription drugs, and to promote the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry by actively formulating policies and suggestions, responding to globalization and enhancing public understanding of medicines. The JPMA is also a full member and council representative of the International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (IFPMA) and participates in the formulation of rules for the global pharmaceutical industry and the joint response to emerging diseases and infectious diseases.

About APAC

APAC was jointly sponsored by 12 research and development pharmaceutical associations from 11 Asian economies under the organization of the JMPA in 2012 and is dedicated to the goal of " accelerating the development of innovative medicines for Asian people". APAC has joined forces with industry, government and academia to carry out activities in three areas - " drug development alliance (DA)", " regulation and admission (RA)", " promoting drug innovation (ATIM)", and has established " Drug Development Alliance Expert Working Group (DA-EWG)" and " Regulation and Admission Expert Working Group (RA-EWG)". APAC Drug Development Alliance Expert Working Group (DA-EWG) aims to promote drug research and development in Asian countries, creating an environment conducive to cooperation between Asian industry and academic institutions, meeting the clinical needs of Asian patients.


CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES always adheres to: “original, safe, excellent and effective, China - dedicated to providing patients with affordable innovative mechanisms of therapeutic drugs.”

In 2001, CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES was founded in Shenzhen, specializing in the research and development of original small molecule drugs. With the self-created " integrated drug discovery and early evaluation platform based on chemical genetics" as its core competitiveness, CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES has now become one of China's leading innovative drug enterprises. Forming a modern biomedicine group company with Shenzhen as its headquarters / research and development center / GMP production base, Chengdu as the regional headquarter / research and development center / GMP production base, Beijing clinical research center and Shanghai commercial center. At present, the company has formed a number of original new drug product lines for tumors, diabetes, endocrine and autoimmune diseases, and the original anti-tumor new drug Chidamide has been approved for listing by China Food and Drug Administration.

CHIPSCREEN BIOSCIENCES is also the national " innovative drug incubation base" and " national high-tech enterprise" , which independently undertakes many national " 863" plans and national major science and technology projects such as " the 10th five-year plan ", " 11th five-year plan", " 12th five-year plan" and " 13th five-year plan" and " major new drug discovery" projects.

At the same time, the company has realized the synchronous global development of original Chinese new drugs through the implementation of patent authorization to foreign pharmaceutical companies, the establishment of a business model of joint international clinical development and high-level cooperative research with multinational pharmaceutical companies.

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