Employee Growth and Development

March 04,2021

We encourage employees to pursue higher career development. In our Hundred Talents Plan, we make use of effective mechanisms (review, appointment, assessment and layoff) to get the most out of our high-performance and high-potential personnel, who then become eligible for courses based on our management competency evaluation. We further design an empowerment program integrating theory with practice, giving up-and-coming talent the opportunity to comprehend and consolidate effective management approaches and utilize them in the framework of our management model. Meanwhile, diversified training methods such as one-to-one tutoring, project practice, job rotation and internal concurrent posts allow promising employees to improve their management capabilities in a targeted and systematic manner.


We believe that everyone needs to be and can be a teacher. By organizing specialized training camps, the Gardener Initiative assists our internal workforce to improve their ability to design and deliver educational courses, build a personal brand, improve self-image, and acquire professional skills and expertise in innovative drug R&D, production, and sales.


We pay attention to team building, using bonding exercises, pilot programs and pioneer initiatives to enhance leadership, team cohesion and competitiveness.


We also undertake general skills training and formulate action development plans revolving around the three major teaching skills, i.e., teaching ideas, teaching process and teaching technology, to comprehensively improve tutoring ability. At the same time, we have leveraged our tutoring management experience to form a book of internal tutoring case studies, which lays a solid foundation for gauging the skills and effectiveness of the instructors.


We welcome new recruits who share our dreams and aspirations. Adopting diversified training methods that combine online learning with offline training, the Chipscreen Journey Plan, is designed to assist every new employee get to know our corporate culture and adjust as quickly as possible to their new role.


Chipscreen proactively rewards everyone who participates in and contributes to our mission, while making resources available to support the development of every employee. Because here at Chipscreen we are all guided by the same dream and aspirations – making affordable innovative drugs for ordinary people.